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This is a no nonsense site run by motorcyclists for fellow enthusiasts to check the selling price of their bike and even other types of vehicles. NO sponsors. NO pop-ups, NO gimmicks, NO delays, NO restrictions and we don’t ask you to register any personal details to use the service
How many others can make this promise?
We offer this FREE information service because we believe that when you’re buying or selling a machine you should be able judge its price based on current market trends and analyses – WITHOUT having to constantly buy every magazine in the newsagents and trawl around every dealer for formal valuations (which we know will sometimes vary dramatically and may even cost you money).
The prices presented here are real and are based on 7,000 adverts, changing daily, at together with those extracted from other leading publications and web sites.
These prices are NOT formal valuations (see 'Buying and selling' notes) below:
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Buying and Selling Prices – Cautions:

  1. The prices shown on represent actual advertised selling prices from real adverts placed on and other leading web sites and magazines.
  2. The actual selling/buying prices may be the same as the advertised prices or lower, depending upon the ability of a buyer to negotiate a reduction in the advertised selling price.
  3. Some sellers will inevitably overestimate the value of their newly restored or refurbished machine based on material receipts rather than realistic market values. These machine prices will show up in the ‘highest’ price category.
  4. Some sellers will dispose of machines at low prices because they are dramatically sub-standard in condition and/or uneconomical to repair. These machine prices will show up in the ‘lowest’ price category.
  5. Some very rare machines, particularly classics, vintage and veteran, will attract higher than normal prices based upon their rarity value. If you cannot locate your make and model in these lists we strongly recommend that you use the Clubs directory on to make contact with the appropriate marque owners club.